We believe that dedication is everything. We believe that pilots should have goals and strive to achieve them. So to fly new aircraft, you have to unlock them!


0-9.59 Hours

Cadet is the entry-level position. When you join Thai Virtual, you will become a cadet. Once you reach 10 hours you will become a second officer. Earn hours by flying aircraft. Cadets are able to fly mainly short-haul routes but can quickly boost their hours by flying the Routes of the Week!

Thai Smiles A320
The A320 is a very successful plane. A narrow-body plane that can carry up to 186 passengers. The longest service that an A320 flies is 7 hours and 15 minutes!
Nok Air Dash 8 Q400
The Dash 8 Q400 is a variant of the Dash 7, but lacks the STOL capability. It can hold up to 90 passengers and has a range of 1,100 nautical miles.

Build your fleet!

As a cadet, you will begin with a fleet of Thai Smiles A320s and Nok Air Dash-8 Q400s. As you build hours, you will unlock ranks and therefore build to your fleet! As a cadet, you can fly any route that is flown by the Dash-8 Q400 or the Thai Smiles A320!

Fly Around the Globe!

As a cadet, you will have access not only to Thai Smiles and Nok Air but also all regional codeshare flights! This means that you could fly a variety of aircraft along with your fleet and discover every corner of the world!

Thai Smiles A320

Second Officer

10 – 19.59 Hours

To reach the rank of Junior First Officer, you must achieve 20 hours. We believe that this jump might seem short but we believe that it is important to have a stepping stone between the early ranks to the heavy ranks.

Thai Airways Boeing 787-8
The Boeing 787-8, also known as the dreamliner is one of the most eco-friendly aircraft out there! The 787-8 can fly over 7,000 nautical miles! It is the smallest variant of the 787 series.
Thai International Airways MD-11
Now primarily a cargo plane, the MD-11 was a flagship for Thai Airways during the golden age of aviation! It was very special because it had a glass cockpit, eliminating the role of flight engineer!

Add To Your Fleet!

When you reach Second Officer, you unlock the Boeing 787-8 and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11. Second Officer lets you discover the planes of the future and the planes of the past on a variety of routes!

Unlock More Routes!

As you reach Second Officer, you unlock short-haul codeshares, which are considered 1h 30 – 3h. This allows you to discover the world even more!

Thai Airways Boeing 787-8

Junior First Officer

20 – 49.59 Hours

The rank of Junior First Officer is a big leap from Second Officer. This requires the pilot to earn more hours and therefore become more familiar and equipped for larger aircraft and longer range flights.

Thai Airways 787-9
The 787-9 is the 2nd biggest variant in the dreamliner series. It has the longest range out of all the dreamliners and is very versatile! This aircraft is capable of flying from London all the way to Perth, Australia!

Thai Airways A330-300
The A330-300 is a widebody plane that aviation lovers sometimes compare to Airbus’ original plane, the A300. A cool feature of this plane is that it is a variant of the A340 series allowing pilots who are trained in the A340 to fly this plane with very little additional training!

Meet the A330!

The Junior First Officer is able to fly the mighty A330-300! A newly reworked aircraft, the A330-300 has a unique ability to fly long haul while having the feel of a narrow-body aircraft! It’s a real treat to fly!

Fly Farther!

Unlock some long haul codeshare routes such as SKBO (Bogota) to LEMD (Madrid) on our codeshare with Avianca VA. This allows Junior First Officers to get a taste of the long-haul life.

Thai Airways A330-300

Senior First Officer

50. – 99.59 Hours

The rank of Senior First Officer is a rank that requires dedication. This is the first rank of seniority and it requires the pilot to prove they have the skills to climb further

Boeing 777-200ER
The Boeing 777, commonly referred to as the Triple Seven has received more orders than any other widebody plane! The Triple Seven was designed to fit in between the Boeing 767 and the Boeing 747! The -200ER variant entered service in 1997, it is the smallest variant!
Boeing 777F
The Boeing 777F is a variant of the -200LR. The -200LR came after the -200ER and has the same specifications, the main difference is different engines that allows it to fly farther! The 777F is the only cargo plane Thai Virtual operates. Thai Airways has a subsidiary called Thai Cargo (T2). They operate the 777F and 737-400s.

Triple 7 Party!

A big part of Thai Airways’ operation is the 777. Thai Airways operates several variants of 777. At Senior First Officer, you unlock the 777-200ER and the 777F. Thai Cargo operates a fleet of 777Fs and as a Senior First Officer, you get to fly cargo routes!

Different Types of Routes

As a Senior First Officer, you unlock the 777F which flies cargo routes. That means you unlock routes such as Liege and other Cargo destinations! Along with that, you unlock more codeshares!

Boeing 777-200ER

Junior Captain

100 – 174.59 Hours

The rank of Junior Captain is a prestigious one. All Junior Captain’s have shown their dedication to Thai Virtual and have earned respect and honor. Once a pilot reaches Junior Captian, the 75 hours seem like a piece of cake.

4 Engines > 2 Engines

At Junior Captain, you unlock the first Thai Virtual 4 engine aircraft, the A340-600. The A346 was a big part of Thai Airways’ operations in the early 2000s. The A346 was able to fly Thai Airways’ longest flights with fuel efficiency that made ultra-long-haul routes profitable. As well as the A346, you also unlock the 777-300ER!

Thai Airways A340-600
Boeing 777-300ER
The -300ER is considered to be the most successful Triple Seven. As of July 2018, there were 784 -300ERs in service. It is Boeing’s competition to Airbus’ A330 program.

Almost Done

Once you reach the rank of Junior Captain, you will have unlocked over 75% of routes*. This is time to go back and fly your favorite route or fly one you haven’t flown before

* excluding codeshares

Senior Captain

175 – 300 Hours

The rank of Senior Captain is the last rank before reaching ATP Captain. This rank allows pilots to prove they are worthy of reaching ATP Captain. Put in the hours and enjoy the rewards later.


Fan Favorites

At Senior Captain, you unlock two of the most popular aircraft in the fleet, the A350-900 and the Boeing 747-400. The queen of the skies is a beauty to fly and the A350-900 is a tricked out toy!

Codeshare Galore!

Unlock almost all of the codeshares in Thai Virtual’s extensive codeshare collection. Choose to fly almost any aircraft anywhere in the world!


ATP Captain

End of the Road…


ATP Captain is the final rank. When you reach ATP Captain, you unlock the A380-800. This completes the fleet!…

The A380-800 is the biggest passenger plane to have ever flown. It was Airbus’ competition for Boeing’s successful 747-400. In an all-economy configuration, the A380 can hold up to 868 passengers!

Royal Orchid starts here!

Royal Orchid is our frequent flyer program! Once a pilot has completed they ranks, they need 200 more hours and at 500 hours, Royal Orchid begins!

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