Welcome to Royal Orchid Plus!

Once you have reached ATP Captain, get even more privileges with Royal Orchid Plus! – Our Frequent Flyer Program

Royal Orchid Ranks

Royal Orchid Plus: Silver

The first tier of Royal Orchid Plus is the Silver tier. This is the introductory tier where you learn about what Royal Orchid truly is.

Requirements + Benefits

  • 500 Hours
  • Fly once every 2 weeks
  • Be a Grade 3 on Infinite Flight or higher

  • Access to Orchid Lounge
  • Unlock Domestic Heritage Routes

Royal Orchid Plus: Gold

Royal Orchid Gold unlocks a massive number of routes that will keep pilots interested for quite a long time!

Requirements and Benefits

  • 750 Flight Hours
  • Grade 3 in Infinite Flight
  • Fly at least once every 2 weeks

  • Access to the Orchid Lounge
  • Unlock International Heritage Routes

Royal Orchid Plus: Platinum

The last step of the journey with Thai Virtual is ROP: Platinum. We like to thank them for their time with Thai Virtual with a present that keeps on coming!

Requirements and Benefits

  • 1,000 Flight Hours
  • Grade 4 in Infinite Flight
  • File a flight at least once a week

  • Access to the Orchid Lounge
  • Unlock all Heritage Routes
  • Unlock the Royal Orchid Holiday program (ROH)


Heritage Routes

At Thai Virtual, we have recently introduced Heritage Routes. Heritage Routes are routes that are no longer active but were the routes that made Thai Airways what it was. These routes all originate at VTBD, Bangkok’s older airport. Along with flying routes that no longer operate, Royal Orchid Plus members get to fly planes that are not currently in Thai Airways’ fleet such as the 737-700 and the MD-11!

Domestic Heritage Routes

International Heritage Routes

Orchid Lounge (Coming Soon)

The Thai Orchid Lounge is a channel in the Thai Group Virtual slack that is exclusive to Royal Orchid Plus members! In that channel, Thai Virtual staff can share upcoming changes to the airline early and ROP members can organize group-flights or whatever they choose to use it for!*

*All content posted must be within the Thai Group Virtual guidelines.

Royal Orchid Holiday Program

The Royal Orchid Holiday program is exclusive to Royal Orchid Plus: Platinum members. The Royal Orchid Holiday program allows these members to choose a route that will be featured each week and therefore is available for 1.5x flight time! They can choose whichever route they would like and must submit it to a staff member within 12 hours of the IFATC schedule for the following week being posted

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