Our Board Of Directors

Thai Group Virtual has recently put together a Board of Directors! This Board will help Thai Virtual make big decisions for the future. This board is made up of members from inside Thai Virtual and out. Meet the team:

Sam Greenberg – Sam is the Founder & Owner of Thai Group Virtual. He makes sure Thai Virtual keeps the same goals and values.

Piya Kraitus – CEO of Thai Virtual, he can make informed decisions based on the current state of Thai Virtual.

Kit – Kit is a pilot at Thai Virtual with the most hours. He can make decisions from the pilot’s perspective.

Altaria55 – Altaria55 was a staff member at Thai Virtual at the beginning and has been watching and supervising. They can provide an unbiased opinion.

Thomas – Thomas is an IFVARB group leader who can help make sure we remain within IFVARB regulations and to provide input based on what he has seen work and failed in the past.

Published by Sam Greenberg

I am the Founder & Owner of Thai Group Virtual. I help with things external.

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